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SYNC Studio

Where can I create a Class Package for my virtual classes?
Class packages can be created on the settings tab on SYNC Studio.
How can I exclude a class from being eligible for purchase via a package?
If your class is already created, simply click on “Options” next to the class on the Upcoming Classes section on SYNC Studio and select “Remove from Package.
Can I add or remove a class on a package for a specific student?
Yes. You can do so by going to settings and selecting the package that the student purchased. Find the student and click the edit button. Then you can add or remove classes on their package.
Can I edit a class package?
Yes, you can edit a class package. Go to the settings tab on SYNC Studio to edit your package. Note - if a student has purchased the original package, the changes you make to the package will not be reflected for them. They get to keep the old package. New students will only be able to purchase the new package.
Where can students find my class package?
Your class package can be found on your instructor page on strong.zumba.com and on your class details page on strongnation.fit. They will be given the class package purchase option when they go to purchase your class
Can we set an expiration date for our class package?
You cannot set an expiration date for class packages.
Are my Zoom classes included in my class package?
Yes as long as you post them on zumba.dance they are eligible for all SYNC Studio payment options.
Can I track student usage on their class package to keep up with it?
Yes you can track this on the settings tab on SYNC Studio.
Can I notify a student when they have one/a few classes left?
Yes you can email them (if they have opted-in to give you their email address)
Can I customize/build my own package?
Yes packages can be customized.
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