Strong by Zumba

What is a SYNC Lab?

This 3-hour session takes you through interactive drills using the latest class content. Led by a licensed STRONG Tech, to improve your form and technique to help you teach your classes as effective and safe as possible. The best part? You will get one-on-one interaction and personal feedback from your STRONG Tech.

Who are STRONG Techs?

STRONG Techs are skilled professionals handpicked by the Home Office based on their superior form, technique and coaching skills. They’ll challenge you as hard as you challenge your students. Get ready for a true love/hate relationship.

What do I get once I finish my SYNC Lab?

  • Certificate of Completion
  • Continuing Education Credits*

*(1) SYNC Members must contact a STRONG Tech directly to obtain the appropriate document to redeem these continuing education credits. (2) Credits are awarded by attending one workshop. (3) The maximum number of credits a SYNC Member can receive monthly is for one workshop per month.