Strong by Zumba


STRONG by Zumba®

Natalie Constanti, Master Trainer

Pelajari cara mengajarkan Pelatihan Interval Intensitas Tinggi Dipimpin-Musik, yang mendorong siswa untuk mencapai tujuan kebugaran paling ambisius hanya berbekal berat badan.

Date and Time

Minggu, Desember 15, 2019
10:00AM - 6:30PM

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Waterside Hotel and Leisure Club
Wilmslow Road, Didsbury, Manchester, Lancs., GB M20 5WZ
Tampilkan Peta

Semua sesi pelatihan STRONG by Zumba membutuhkan partisipasi wajib. Selain itu, seperti semua pelatihan kebugaran tingkat tinggi, kami sarankan Anda memiliki sertifikasi kebugaran untuk mengajarkan program ini.


  • Panduan Pelatihan Instruktur Elektronik
  • Video Ringkasan Pelatihan — disampaikan secara digital
  • My First Class™ STRONG by Zumba™ – musik dan gerakan berdurasi 60 menit, disampaikan secara digital
  • Kursus e-learning dengan gerakan kebugaran dasar dan pengetahuan di balik program
  • Sertifikat Kelulusan
  • Kredit Sertifikasi Kebugaran untuk Pelatihan Instruktur (bervariasi menurut negara)
  • Fitness Certification Credits for E-Learning - varies by country
  • REPS (UK) CPD: E-Learning

Strong Trainer

Avatar Instruktur
Natalie Constanti
Manchester, Lancs., GB

STRONG by Zumba®

Minggu, Desember 15, 2019 | 10:00AM - 6:30PM

Strong Trainer

Avatar Instruktur
Natalie Constanti
Manchester, Lancs., GB

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Hotel Terdekat

Waterside Hotel & Leisure Club, Wilmslow Road, Didsbury, Manchester, M20 5WZ

A Registered Exercise Professional with the Level 2 Exercise to Music qualification and Category on REPs can gain 4 Continued Professional Development (CPD) points on successfully completing the Zumba® training. Registered Exercise Professionals must hold the relevant qualification and category of registration to gain CPD points for all Zumba® Specialty Programs (examples include, without limitation, Zumba Gold® (active older adults) and Zumba® Kids and Kids Jr. (children)). Registered Exercise Professionals will be in breach of the REPs Code of Ethics if they teach special populations or sessions for which they do not hold the relevant qualification and category on REPs (example, children). Zumba suggests becoming a Registered Exercise Professional if you plan on teaching at a fitness facility. To find out more information on gaining a full industry qualification please visit the Register of Exercise Professionals' website at www.exerciseregister.org.




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