Strong Nation
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The Story of STRONG Nation®

STRONG by Zumba® is now STRONG Nation®

Music is the ultimate motivator. It pushes you through your workout, through one last rep - and then one more. Knowing how powerful the effect of music is on a workout, we wondered – what would happen if we synced the moves in a high-intensity workout to a beat? So we reverse-engineered the music for STRONG Nation® to match every single move.

학생들을 음악과 동시에 움직이게 함으로써 지속적으로 자신의 한계까지 밀어부쳐 목표를 더욱 빨리 달성할 수 있도록 합니다. 이제, 여러분도 할 수 있습니다.

매 순간을 소중히

STRONG Nation® uses fast-paced rhythms like EDM, Hip-Hop, and fusion genres like Moombahton to get the students 100% focused on the moves instead of counting reps. We partnered with some of the best music producers in the world, including Timbaland and Steve Aoki. And there is only one place where you can hear and experience the effect of STRONG Nation® exclusive tracks – in class.

매 순간을 영원히

Watch Timbaland chat with Zumba® CEO Alberto Perlman about creating the music that makes STRONG Nation® so unique.

휘트니스의 미래

Discover what inspires Steve Aoki, electronic music mogul, when he creates exclusive music for STRONG Nation®.