It's Time to Bring It.

Why bring STRONG Nation® to your gym?

STRONG by Zumba® is now STRONG Nation®

Students are always seeking a new way to break a sweat, especially now, with experiential fitness booming. STRONG Nation® helps you tap into all this demand. You can add a non-dance, unique workout + music experience that’s also highly effective to your class schedule. And offering both hour and half-hour format classes not only helps you retain your students, it also attracts new members.

6 Reasons to bring STRONG Nation® to your facility


    STRONG Nation® is license-free to gyms.


    Instructors get proven marketing tools along with tons of continued education and training opportunities.


    Our unique mix of cardio, body-weight training, and synced beats pushes students harder and is proven to deliver a total-body transformation.


    Instructors get new, original music + moves every month to keep classes fresh.


    STRONG Nation® is backed by a global name in fitness with a proven track record in quality training and driving students to class.


    Two class formats let you offer more workouts that members want: the full-hour STRONG Nation® class and the half-hour class, for people short on time.

One Is Fun. The Other is Fierce.

  • In Zumba®, you smile through your sweat as you lose weight and tone up.
  • The moves are all dance-based.
  • The music includes Latin-inspired songs and rhythms, including original and popular music.
  • Instructors create their own choreography using Zumba moves and rhythms to keep classes fresh and fun.
  • In STRONG Nation®, you push yourself beyond your plateaus to achieve overall body transformation.
  • The moves are like the ones you would find in a HIIT workout, using only body weight.
  • The music was reverse-engineered to match every move. It includes fast-paced rhythms like EDM and Hip-Hop.
  • Instructors are required to use the STRONG Nation® music and moves, which have been perfectly synced, to keep the class experience effective.