SYNC - Strong Nation Network

Instructor Membership Program

When you join SYNC, the STRONG Nation® Network, you instantly get an unparalleled level of support, education and tools to keep your classes fresh and your students seeing results. With two different class formats (30 and 60 minutes), you also get the flexibility to offer gyms more options and meet a wider variety of student needs. The network was designed to help you spend less time preparing for class and more time teaching, resulting in more income. This is your business; invest in it!

  • Monthly Music and Moves

    Receive ongoing content, including new routines, warm ups, cooldowns, and original music.

  • Progressions and Modifications

    Cater to all fitness levels and reach a larger student community.

  • Marketing

    Promote yourself with customizable materials, an instructor page and classes posted on

Plus, Connect with other STRONG Nation® instructors who will enrich your teaching journey!

KEEP YOUR CLASSES FRESH With Monthly Music and Moves

Receive monthly STRONG Nation® exclusive music and routines, plus warm ups and cooldowns to lead a perfectly synced class from start to finish. The music is reverse-engineered to match the moves and the intensity, and we provide the total class experience, ensuring that your classes are always challenging - and never boring!

Adjust Intensity with progressions and modifications

Every month, you'll receive new routines with 3 different variations so you can adjust the intensity level for your students, based on their fitness skills - Low, Base and Max.


Create, build and grow with Sync Go

Create custom playlists with music and video with our free mobile app, SYNC GO. No WiFi? No problem. With SYNC GO, you can play your music playlists during your class without needing WiFi or cellular data.

Available for Apple and Android

Sync Go App
  • Create music playlists for your classes Design personalized playlists to make your classes stand out.
  • Practice your full class from start to finish Build video playlists to practice anytime, anywhere. No matter where you are, you can access your video quadrants and crush those routines.
  • Trim your classes to 30, 45 and 50 minutes With SYNC GO, easily and quickly trim your music playlists to create a 30, 45 or 50-minute class.


Only SYNC Network Members get access to an exclusive collection of in-depth, advanced training sessions engineered to equip you with new tools and techniques, so you continually learn, grow, and improve as an instructor.

Pack Your Classes with customizable marketing tools

Your license to teach and use of the STRONG Nation® logo and name are just the beginning.

  • Receive customizable marketing materials, such as business cards, flyers and other printables, and social media content to engage your current followers or build a new following.

  • Get your own page and classes posted on, making it easy for students in your area to find you.

  • Enjoy an exclusive discount starting at 20% off STRONG ID™ apparel - designed to work as hard as you - to promote your classes while you're out and about.

Our Support. Your Success.

Membership in the SYNC Network is optional, but we highly encourage you to join. The ongoing support and tools you will receive will ensure that you always provide a safe, challenging workout to your students, while preserving the perfect workout + music experience that is STRONG Nation®.