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Burn more calories in a HIIT workout that combines cardio and muscle-conditioning moves, using just your body weight, all perfectly synced to the beat of high-energy music. It’s not dancing — but every move is driven by the music so you can follow the beat and push past your limits to tone, torch, and strengthen your whole body. Let’s do this.

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Available Workouts

In a STRONG Nation™ class you'll experience high-intensity moves that work every part of your body to help you achieve total body transformation.

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These short and effective workouts created with STRONG Nation™ routines help you target specific muscle areas.

Lower Body Part-1

Upper Body

Abs + Core

Lower Body Part-2

Arms & Chest & Back



Abs & core

Legs & glutes


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When your workout is fueled by music, it’s easier to push past your limits and burn more calories. Even when you’re done, your body isn’t: thanks to the afterburn, your body keeps torching almost 50% more calories post-workout. That’s not hype — it’s scientifically proven. You’ll see — and feel — incredible results.*

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*Individual results appearing above were achieved by study participants attending 60-minute STRONG Nation™ classes 3 times per week for 12 weeks and eating a sensible diet. On average, the participants lost 1.39 inches in the waist, 1.88 inches in the abs, 1.67 inches in the hip, and 1.68 inches in the mid-thigh. Results may vary depending on starting point, goals, effort, and diet.