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Lead the next fitness revolution and teach classes from anywhere. Experience the free 30-minute class and see if you have what it takes to become a STRONG Nation instructor.


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Get your license to teach in a personalized and interactive 1-day training led by a Master Trainer - all done through a livestream platform from the comfort of your own home.

Training is held in the instructor’s time zone.

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Acquire these skills in your intensive 1-day training to become a STRONG Nation™ Instructor.

  • Optimizing Bodyweight Training

    Go deep into the science behind high-intensity cardio and bodyweight training.

  • Moving in Sync with Music

    Discover how combining moves with perfectly synced music increases the efficiency of a workout.

  • Customizing Your Class

    Learn progressions and modifications to tailor your class to your students’ different fitness levels.

  • Maximizing Your Options

    Master both 30- and 60-minute workout formats to offer a wider variety of classes. Teach classes from anywhere.

  • Preventing Injuries

    Review physiology, bio-mechanics, and movement fundamentals to prevent fitness injuries.

We’re With You Through Every Beat - And Every Burpee.

Getting your STRONG Nation teaching license is just the beginning of your instructor journey. We’ve got you covered with support and learning tools that are unparalleled in the group fitness arena. You’ll not only be prepared to teach but to pack your classes and thrive as a successful instructor.

  • E-Learning

    An accompanying online course focused on the foundational moves and the science behind the high-intensity workouts.

  • Training Recap

    A video review of everything you learned in your live training.

  • My First Class

    One full hour of STRONG Nation music and moves so you can start teaching right away.

  • STRONG Nation Network

    Become eligible to join the SYNC Network and get ongoing content, support, and tools to ensure your long-term success.

As with all high level fitness trainings that require high exertion and physical demand, we strongly recommend you take additional fitness certifications to ensure safe fitness practice.

Completing your STRONG Nation training counts towards your Continuing Education Credits (CEC) which keep your fitness certifications (like ACE and AFAA) in good standing.

Train with the Best

Our STRONG Nation® Master Trainers are the gold star standard of group fitness educators. Each Master Trainer has an impressive background in fitness education and holds multiple teaching and safety certifications. More than trainers, they are mentors who become personally invested in seeing you succeed.


Are there any prerequisites to taking a STRONG Nation training?

As with all high level fitness trainings that require high exertion and physical demand, we strongly recommend you take additional fitness certifications to ensure safe fitness practice.

Depending on your country or facility center, you may need a general group exercise certificate or other certifications. It is your responsibility to be informed of, comply with, or obtain any regulatory, tax, fitness, or education requirements, qualifications, certifications or licenses needed to conduct business or teach STRONG Nation classes according to the laws and regulations where you conduct business or teach. Be sure to check with your government or local guidelines to see what the requirements are in order for you to teach.

Do I receive any certification credits for completing the STRONG Nation® Instructor Training?

Yes, the training and e-learning qualify you for additional credits, including ACE, AFAA, Can Fit Pro, REPS and Fitness Australia where applicable. Depending on your country, there are additional credits from other certifying agencies. Find a training in your area and check the individual training details for exact credits.

Can I set my own hours and rates for STRONG Nation classes?

Instructors act as independent contractors, giving you the freedom to set your own schedule, rates, terms and agreements.

What is the difference between the Live Virtual training and the In-Person training?

You can take your STRONG Nation™ training in two ways - via a Live Virtual training or via an In-Person training. The Live Virtual experience allows you to connect with a Master Trainer via a livestream platform so that you can train from the comfort of your own home, while an In-Person training is held in a physical location. Both training formats follow the exact same content structure and provide you with your license to teach STRONG Nation. Both are led by a Master Trainer that coaches you and provides personalized feedback throughout the training. Both formats are also eligible for the same CECs, and include the accompanying e-learning, Training Recap material, and access to My First Class.

Do I need to purchase a livestream platform to attend the Live Virtual training?

No. The platform used does not require any additional payments or costs incurred by you. Your Master Trainer will email you instructions on how to access the training once you've completed your registration.

What system requirements are recommended for a Live Virtual training?

See here for guidelines

How do I prepare my environment for a Live Virtual training?

Take the following into consideration in order to have the best Live Virtual training experience:

  • Have plenty of open space to move. You will need to travel front, back and side to side. You will also need enough space away from the camera to have a full-body view in order for the Master Trainer to be able to see and coach you.
  • An area with hard floor is best. Remove any area rugs or objects that can create uneven flooring.
  • Be in a quiet or closed area where you will have minimal interruptions; you will need to be dedicated and engaged
  • Have adequate lighting
  • A speaker that you can connect to your computer is beneficial (but not necessary) for better sound quality
  • Wear shoes
  • Have a towel, mat, and water handy

Don't see your question listed? Read more on our FAQ Page.

Due to the high level of instructor technical performance required to teach the STRONG by Zumba® program, participants in the instructor training session must participate in all of the practical exercise during the training session. If the participant is unable to participate completely in a training session due to a physical limitation, illness or injury, we will allow a transfer to another training. The participation component/requirement at the training session, and any modifications to it, will be at the supervising STRONG by Zumba® Master Trainer's discretion. If the participant has a permanent physical limitation or disability that will require modifications to the practical exercises they must notify the Master Trainer prior to the beginning of the training so that the Master Trainer can work with the participant on acceptable modifications so that they can successfully complete the training session. If a participant attends a STRONG by Zumba® training and does not participate in all of the practical exercises he/she will not receive a license and there will not be any refund or transfer offered.

It is the responsibility of each instructor to be informed of, comply with, or obtain any regulatory, tax, fitness or education requirements, qualifications, certifications or licenses needed to conduct business or teach STRONG by Zumba® classes according to the laws and regulations where he/she conducts business or teaches (including any requirements established by his/her employer). An instructor's ability to teach STRONG by Zumba® classes - as well as his/her ability to use the license issued upon the successful completion of the STRONG by Zumba® instructor training - depends upon instructor's compliance with any applicable laws and regulations in the country in which he/she conducts business or teaches.