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SYNC Network

What is the SYNC Network?
The SYNC Network is the monthly membership program, exclusively for STRONG Nation® Instructors, to ensure their success. SYNC Network Members receive an unparalleled level of support and resources to keep classes fresh and students coming back. With the SYNC Network, instructors spend less time preparing for class and more time teaching, resulting in more income. Learn more here
Who can join the SYNC Network?
Instructors who successfully complete a STRONG Nation® instructor training course can join the SYNC Network.
What benefits does the SYNC Network offer?
The SYNC Network's unparalleled benefits include:
  • Monthly music and moves, or Quadrants, plus accompanying Warm Ups and Cooldowns, delivered through an exclusive digital platform
  • 3 variations of each Quadrant to cater to different fitness levels
  • Profile and classes listed on STRONGNation.com
  • Marketing Materials
  • 20% discount on apparel
  • More!
How do I join the SYNC Network?
You will be able to sign up for the SYNC Network at your STRONG Nation® training. If you've already completed a STRONG Nation® instructor training and would like to join, click here
As a SYNC Network Member, can I teach Zumba® classes and join the Zumba® Instructor Network (ZIN™)?
SYNC Network Members who would like to teach Zumba® classes can become a Zumba® Instructor by taking a Zumba® Basic 1 instructor training and joining the Zumba® Instructor Network (ZIN™) at a discounted price. To become a Zumba® instructor, click here
If I am a ZIN™ Member, can I teach STRONG Nation® classes and join the SYNC Network?
Yes! As a valued ZIN™ Member, you receive additional perks. Please contact Customer Care for more details.
What is a STRONG Nation® Masterclass?
A STRONG Nation® Master Class is a 1 hour class led by a SYNC member that offers more than your average STRONG Nation® class! Whether it’s a special guest or a fun theme, a Master Class is a STRONG Nation® class with a twist. We highly encourage SYNC members to hold Master Classes as special events to introduce the program to new audiences, or energize their student communities. Below are some guidelines to consider if you decide to teach/host a STRONG Nation® master class.
  • Master class duration should be no longer than 1 hour and fit the 4-Quadrant format of STRONG Nation® classes.
  • Master classes may include special guests, such as fellow SYNC Members and/or Master Trainers.
  • Master classes may incorporate a fun theme (ex. '80's theme, and participants wear '80's inspired workout clothing)
(Please note, the title 'Master Trainer' should only be used by STRONG Nation® Master Trainers.)
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