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Become an Instructor

Are there any prerequisites to taking a STRONG Nation® training?
As with all high level fitness trainings that require exertion and physical demand, we recommend you take additional certifications to ensure safe fitness practice.

Depending on your country or facility center, you may need a general group exercise certificate or other certifications. It is your responsibility to be informed of, comply with, or obtain any regulatory, tax, fitness, or education requirements, qualifications, certifications or licenses needed to conduct business or teach STRONG Nation® classes according to the laws and regulations where you conduct business or teach. Be sure to check with your government or local guidelines to see what the requirements are in order for you to teach.
Do I receive any certification credits for completing the STRONG Nation® Instructor Training?
Yes, the training and e-learning qualify you for additional credits, including ACE, AFAA, Can Fit Pro, REPS and Fitness Australia where applicable. Depending on your country, there are additional credits from other certifying agencies. Find a training in your area and check the individual training details for exact credits.
What formats am I able to teach when I take a STRONG Nation® training?
Taking a STRONG Nation® training will give you the license to teach two class formats: STRONG Nation®, the original 60-minute workout, and STRONG 30™, the 30-minute version of the class.
Can I set my own hours and rates for STRONG Nation® classes?
Instructors act as independent contractors, giving you the freedom to set your own schedule, rates, terms and agreements.
How long is a STRONG Nation® certificate of completion, or license, valid for?
Your STRONG Nation® license is valid for 6 months. Due to the nature of the program, and as with any reputable occupation, a professional is expected to keep up-to-date on industry knowledge and skills to keep a high level of proficiency. To help instructors attain and maintain this status, after your training you will be eligible to join the SYNC Network which gives you ongoing support and tools to keep your license up to date and your classes fresh and successful. As long as you are a SYNC Network Member in good standing, your license does not expire.
Is there an age requirement to take a STRONG Nation® Instructor Training?
Yes; a participant must be 18 years or older to attend the Strong Nation® Instructor Training. A 17-year-old may attend a Strong Nation® Basic Instructor Training on their own, but they must have a letter from their parent, and the parent must sign the liability form at the Instructor Training. If you are 17 years old, contact the trainer for your Instructor Training to coordinate receiving the letter from your parent and having the liability form signed at the Instructor Training.
My facility wants to host a STRONG Nation® instructor training. How do I do this?
If you know of a facility that might be interested in hosting a STRONG Nation® instructor training, ask the potential host to visit the Gyms page and submit an inquiry via the Contact Us section of the page. If there is adequate demand in the area and if the facility meets the minimum requirements, they will be contacted by a Master Trainer to set up a training
How do I find a STRONG Nation® instructor training in my area?
All currently scheduled instructor trainings are posted in our Become an Instructor section. If you don't find a training near you, request to be notified of a future training by filling the "Notify Me of a Training" form in the training search, and check the website often as we are constantly adding trainings.
I have a conflict and must leave before the instructor training is over. Can I still get my certificate of completion and/or certifying credits if I leave early?
You must complete the training and e-learning in its entirety to receive your certificate of completion and associated credits. If you have a conflict, we highly recommend that you take a training at another time when you are able to stay for the entire duration. You may transfer your registration to another training.
I registered for an instructor training but cannot attend. What are my options?
If you are unable to attend your training, you have three options:

  1. You can request a transfer to another training for $30 USD plus price difference.

  2. You can stay on hold.

  3. You can cancel for a $75 USD fee and request a refund. If you choose to process your cancellation by phone, an additional $15 USD processing fee will be applied. To proceed with your cancellation, please log in to your account on zumba.com.
What should I bring and wear to an instructor training?
You should bring a towel, water, a sweatshirt, a healthy snack and lunch. Gloves and mat are also useful as you will be doing floorwork. This is a high-intensity workout, so wear good supportive shoes. Dance shoes are not recommended. We will provide you with a digital copy of your instructor manual, bring it along with a pen to take additional notes.
May I video tape or take pictures at the training?
Still image cameras are allowed. You are NOT permitted to take any videos (or make any recordings) at the instructor training.
What happens if there is bad weather predicted for the day of the training.
Zumba, in conjunction with the host facility, will determine if an instructor training should be canceled due to inclement weather. If an instructor training is canceled, the participants will be notified by 8PM the evening before the instructor training. If the instructor training is not canceled but the weather becomes treacherous overnight, the Master Trainer will send an email to participants in the morning. In any event, a participant should not take any risks to their safety. If the instructor training is canceled, the Master Trainer will contact each participant to discuss options of transfer or refund. If the instructor training is not canceled, and a participant cannot make it due to inclement weather in their area, the Master Trainer will contact the participant after the instructor training to discuss options. (Please note that Zumba is not responsible for travel fees incurred or lost due to inclement weather.)
As a STRONG Nation® Instructor, do I have to use the content provided by Zumba?
In a STRONG Nation® class, the music is reverse-engineered to perfectly match every single move in the class. Each move is on beat to deliver a unique and unbeatable music experience that delivers on results. Instructors are required to use the STRONG Nation® exclusive content provided in order to deliver an effective class. As a SYNC Network Member, you will receive a new quadrant of content each month to be able to keep your classes fresh and your students coming back. Learn more about the SYNC Network
What is the difference between the Live Virtual training and the In-Person training?
You can take your STRONG Nation® training in two ways - via a Live Virtual training or via an In-Person training. The Live Virtual experience allows you to connect with a Master Trainer via a livestream platform so that you can train from the comfort of your own home, while an In-Person training is held in a physical location. Both training formats follow the exact same content structure and provide you with your license to teach STRONG Nation®. Both are led by a Master Trainer that coaches you and provides personalized feedback throughout the training. Both formats are also eligible for the same CECs, and include the accompanying e-learning, Training Recap material, and access to My First Class.
Do I need to purchase a livestream platform to attend the Live Virtual training?
No. The platform used does not require any additional payments or costs incurred by you. Your Master Trainer will email you instructions on how to access the training once you've completed your registration.
What system requirements are recommended for a Live Virtual training?
See here for guidelines: System Requirements Support
How do I prepare my environment for a Live Virtual training?
Take the following into consideration in order to have the best Live Virtual training experience:

  • Have plenty of open space to move. You will need to travel front, back and side to side. You will also need enough space away from the camera to have a full-body view in order for the Master Trainer to be able to see and coach you.
  • An area with hard floor is best. Remove any area rugs or objects that can create uneven flooring.
  • Be in a quiet or closed area where you will have minimal interruptions; you will need to be dedicated and engaged.
  • Have adequate lighting.
  • A speaker that you can connect to your computer is beneficial (but not necessary) for better sound quality.
  • Wear shoes.
  • Have a towel, mat, and water handy.
Why can I only use the approved music for pre-recorded/on demand classes?
For pre-recorded/on demand classes, only cleared music can be used so as to not create music licensing issues. But don't worry, we have created a robust list of originals to build a library of songs for you to use.
How long should it take to upload an On Demand (pre-recorded) class?
Upload time is determined based on your local internet bandwidth and file size and weight. For an hour class, with average internet speed, it could take :30 - 1 hour.
How much should I charge for my virtual classes?
Like in-person classes, this is up to each instructor. We recommend you set price points that work best for you and your community. You can also check out what other instructors are saying about class prices in the Virtual Class Support for ZIN™ and SYNC Members Facebook group. Keep in mind that you are responsible for collecting/remitting all applicable taxes relating to income received from teaching your virtual classes. Also keep in mind that you are responsible for resolving all payment issues that may arise.
Is Zumba Home Office taking a percentage of the payments collected through PayPal™?
No, the Zumba Home Office will not be charging any fee for payments at this time.
How will students get access to my classes?
You will share a link to your class. The link will be given to you after you've uploaded your class to SYNC Studio™.
For how long will my on demand class stay up on strongnation.fit?
Your on demand classes will be automatically removed within 24 hours of the class start time.
How far in advance can I schedule a livestream, on demand class, or list a Zoom class on SYNC™ Studio?
There is no limit as to how far in advance you can schedule any class. Classes will only display on www.strongnation.fit when they are within 1 week (7 days) of the start time/date.
What is the best browser for a student to use to take a STRONG Nation® Virtual class?
Chrome and Safari are proven to work well for STRONG Nation® Virtual classes. There have been reported issues when users use older versions of Edge. If you are using Edge, make sure you update to the latest version, or use Chrome instead.
What is CIRCL Mobility™?
CIRCL Mobility™ will unlock your body’s potential through flexibility, breathwork, and mobility exercises. Based on the cutting-edge science of functional movement, you’ll release physical restrictions, restore your full range of motion, and renew your core capabilities so you can move better, longer.

With sound healing frequencies incorporated into the music, you’ll progress through a series of Macro + Micro movements promoting muscle and joint health in the only class designed to influence your psyche and bring your wellness experience full circle.
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